Secretary-General's Message
The sixth UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate change assessment report published on August 9th, 2021, has shown strong evidence that the increasingly devastating climate disasters of recent years, from North American forest fires to European flooding, have intensified as a result of human influence through carbon emissions. According to their assessment the only solution is comprehensive international action to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.
It is in this background of an acceleration of global carbon neutral development that the Green and Smart Energy Organization (GSEO) was founded. Having developed a strong working relationship with public and private bodies across multiple regions and with international organizations active in promoting renewable energy, we are uniquely positioned to harness global resources to facilitate the investment in and development of innovative multilateral projects involving smart technologies and renewable energy. The GSEO’s vision includes support for all forms of green energy development agendas, and to develop high-quality projects using the most applicable renewable energy sources according to local conditions and needs.
The GSEO focuses on promoting international cooperation in cutting-edge renewable solutions such as green hydrogen and related applications, as well as in carbon capture and storage, hydropower, waste-to-energy, integrated energy services, photovoltaics, and new energy vehicles. The GSEO aims to help our partners build bilateral and multilateral cooperation bridges, jointly promote sustainable development projects, and improve the level of cooperation in international production capacity. Another GSEO priority is to harness the extensive knowledge and expertise of our network of academic and research professionals through high-profile forums, conferences, seminars and capacity-building events in order to extensively carry out policy dialogue, experience sharing, and knowledge transfer. We will continue to share the progress of our cooperation projects in China, Africa, North America, Central Asia, and Europe, and we invite interested parties to join us in supporting the global clean energy transition.
Let’s work together to build a green and smart future!

Wu Jianbo

GSEO Secretary-General


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