GSEO Membership Program

The Green & Smart Energy Organization (GSEO) is a global non-governmental organization that is committed to promoting multilateral cooperation in the clean energy field. Launched with the support of Long Yongtu, Chief Negotiator for China's accession to the World Trade Organization and former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China, we strive to accelerate the world's transition towards a carbon-neutral future by implementing effective clean energy policies, promoting collaboration, and fostering innovative partnerships to cooperate on all aspects of the renewable energy transition.

The GSEO supports its activities by means of a variety of funding sources, including founding members' donations, membership fees, private contributions, and grants provided by international agencies.

In recent years, the increasingly severe threat of global warming due to the overexploitation and overuse of fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful behaviors has become a major matter of global concern. Confronted with this huge challenge to humanity, there is an urgent need to transform the way energy is extracted and used.

Supporting this goal, the GSEO sincerely invites governments, enterprises, organizations, research bodies, and individuals to join the GSEO as members and jointly work to build a carbon-neutral society through the promotion of clean energy production and consumption modes.

GSEO Activities

1. Facilitate and strengthen international cooperation among all stakeholders in the fields of clean energy and sustainable development;

2. Offer a wide range of customized services and support instruments to ensure the effective and high-quality implementation of green investment plans and market entry strategies in China and around the globe;

3. Encourage high-level dialogue, experience sharing, and knowledge dissemination in the field of clean energy by organizing and hosting high-profile events, including conferences, forums, seminars, training sessions, and capacity-building workshops;

4. Initiate, plan, and execute bilateral and multilateral projects to support the low-carbon and socio-economically sustainable development of global societies, with a special focus on developing and least-developed countries and regions;

5. Organize public welfare activities to promote South-South cooperation, improve climate resilience, and strengthen education and awareness in the field of clean energy, energy transition and environmental protection.

Membership Criteria

The GSEO membership program is open to any governmental body, public agency, company, organization, university and research institution, and individual which share our mission and fulfill at least one of the following categories:

(a) whose responsibility is to provide policy guidance, regulatory frameworks, monitoring and supervising activities in relation to clean energy resources utilization and development;

(b) active in clean energy, energy transition, climate action, and sustainable development promotion, knowledge creation and dissemination, and awareness building;

(c) engaged in developing, manufacturing, and / or marketing clean energy technology;

(d) whose products and services are related to the clean energy industry;

(e) engaged in the initiation, planning, and execution of clean energy production and utilization projects;

(f) involved in green investments and projects financing;

(g) whose mission is to represent the interests of clean energy enterprises and organizations;

(h) active in the field of clean energy, energy transition, climate change, and / or sustainability research.

Any institution, organization, or individual interested to become our member is invited to fill in the membership application form below and send it to GSEO staff at ( After that, the GSEO will evaluate the application and, if all information is correct and the criteria met, will communicate within one week, from the submission date, the application approval. The GSEO reserves the right to reject applicants that are not aligned with our organization's mission and values, do not meet at least one of the aforementioned categories or do not observe any relevant national or international laws or regulations.

Membership Services

1. Assist members with establishing and strengthening ties with relevant government agencies, public organizations, and enterprises in the field of clean energy;

2. Support opportunities for international and inter-member exchanges and collaboration;

3. Provide members opportunities to attend and share information, both online and offline, at forums, conferences, seminars, and other activities organized by the GSEO;

4. Introduce members to projects being planned, executed, or supported by the GSEO, and help them to cooperate on these projects;

5. Assist members with entering target markets, promote the negotiation of preferential policies and financial support tools, and facilitate investment;

6. Assist members with promoting clean energy technologies and products in key markets, and organize field visits in relevant locations;

7. Provide members with relevant industrial information through GSEO publications;

8. Allow members to display their logos and information on the GSEO website, and provide opportunities to raise their brand awareness through GSEO activities and related media reports.

Membership Fees

We invite government departments, companies, organizations, and individuals around the world to become members of the GSEO.

The annual membership fee is as follows:

- USD 480 / year for companies and individuals.

- Government and non-governmental organizations are invited to join free of charge, and voluntary donations are welcomed.

Membership Application

To apply for membership, please download and fill in the application form, and send a signed and sealed copy to:

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